Palliative Dressings 1
Palliative Dressings 2
Palliative Dressings 3
Duende A Time For Healing4
Madness Of The Bulls5
Madness Of The Bulls6
Therapeutic Appliances and Madness Of The Bulls7
Therapeutic Appliances and Madness Of The Bulls8
1-3 ‘Palliative Dressings’
Sourced from my original collections which soothed the human body, this series of anthropomorphised garments were increased in scale. Wrapping four concrete pillars, these therapeutic dressings protect and comfort the body of the building, during a time of transition in a liminal phase.
4 Florence Trust 2006 ‘Duende A Time For Healing’. Photographer Julie Cook

5-6 Westbourne Grove Church Art Space 2006‘Madness Of The Bulls’. Photographer Owen Price.

7-8 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery 2005. ‘Therapeutic Appliances / Madness Of The Bulls’